Friday, April 14, 2006

Thank you Stacy

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At Crochetville

Thursday, April 13, 2006


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Look what a dear friend gave for Mexico I think we will be giving these to the children with coloring books and crayons!!!

Thanks Debbie!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Afgahn donated

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when I asked for a yarn donation on a local swap board i never imagined the generosity from a local dance studio. Vivians dance studio in Sch. Haven PA gave me a bunch of great items including this afgahn that only needed a boarder and thats what I gave it. Thanks Viv for your generosity!!!

Donation from Kelly

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Kelly the mad crocheter from sent in these great items!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Julies drawstring pouch

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Round Drawstring Bag By Julee Reeves ***She owns the copy right not me I am posting with her permission!
Bag Measures 4 � inches from top to bottom (including ruffle), and 3 inches wide when flat on a table or hard, smooth surface.

Small amount worsted weight yarn (I used
Red Heart Ocean, and Mexicana in my examples)
Size H crochet hook
Tapestry needle for weaving in ends
Stitch marker for marking beginning of rounds.

Gauge- first 3 rounds of bag = 1 � inches across

Note- Most rounds are worked continuously, so use some type of marker to mark the beginning of the rounds.

Only join rounds when pattern states to.

Ch 2,

Rnd 1: Sc in second ch from hook 8 times. (8 sc). Place marker in first sc of this round, and from now on move marker up to first sc of every round.

Rnd 2: 2 sc in first sc, and in each sc around. (16 sc)

Rnd 3: *2 sc in next sc, 1 sc in next sc. Repeat from * to end. (24 sc)

Rnd 4-10: sc in each sc around. At end of round 10, sl st in top of first sc.

Rnd 11: Ch 3, working in front of ch 3, dc in stitch to the right of ch 3, * skip next sc, and dc in next sc, Working in front of the last dc, dc in skipped stitch to the right. Cross stitch made. Repeat from * around. SL st in top of beginning ch 3. (12 cross stitches made)

Rnd 12-15: Ch 1, sc in same stitch as sl st, and in every stitch around. Work continuously for 4 rounds, making sure to mark first stitch of each new round. At end of round 15, sl st in top of first sc.

Rnd 16: Ch 1, sc in same stitch as sl st, ch 1, * skip next sc, sc in next sc, ch 1. Repeat from * around. Sl st in top of first sc.

Rnd 17: Ch 3, 2 dc in same st as sl st, * dc in next ch, 3 dc in next sc. Repeat from * around. Sl st to top of beginning ch 3.

Finish off (cut yarn, and weave in all ends)

To make tie:

Ch 54, or until chain measures 12 � inches with out stretching.

Weave chain through every space of Round 16, and tie, making sure that the ends of the chain are matched up evenly.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Donation from Tracy!!!

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Thank you Tracy!!!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

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From the olympics emerges greatness Ok Ok not greatness but 255 6inch squares !!!!

200 are for the Amegos project and 55 are being sent to karin4christ at crochetville for Project Linus!

Friday, February 24, 2006


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Here are some Donations from a Crochetville Friend!!!!

Keep them coming!!!!

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